Natural Deterrents for Rats

No rodent is more annoying than the presence of rats in your houses. Rats are the spoilers of your cooking as well as raw food items. They slip into your house through various openings. Rats are minor in size, but harms they cause may prove lethal for your entire house. Rats usually enter your homes and gardens to eat food. However, they do not only damage objects but spread diseases. In addition to this, the smell of rat urine brings you another challenge. You will feel extremely disturbed amidst the presence of nasty smell. Rats live in colonies and damage so many precious objects. They eat wires, break glasses of windows, and eat plastic as well as clothes. Thus, rats destroy furniture of your house. Rats also cause unrepairable damage to your gardens. The plants and fruits receive severe setback from the rat activity. In short, rats are obnoxious animals that always bring catastrophe. You can get rid of them with the application of the following methods. 

Use Scents to Repel Rats 

A rat does not like the smell of certain things. You can repel rats with the help of specific smells. The fragrance of peppermint oil and cloves would repel rats entering your gardens and backyard. It is easy to repel rats with the strong odours of these homemade entities. Rats look for their favourite food in the house.  You need to spread oil and clove powder on places where rats are in abundance. It will cause them to run away for good.


It is difficult for a rat to survive in your house in the presence of ammonia odour. It is a strong smell that human beings also encounter problems to tackle with it. Hence, a small quantity of this chemical will help you repel rats. Rats are sensitive to its smell. Thus, the sense of ammonia will compel them to escape your house. 

Predator Urine 

Rats have many predators. The cat is the most prominent hunter of rats. Thus, urine of cat can help you keep rats away from your homes. Rats fear cats and dogs. You can purchase artificial cat urine odour in the form of chemicals. These chemicals trick rats. However, you can keep a cat as a domestic pet to effortlessly chase away rats. 


The use of mothballs is also an effective antidote against the nuisance of rats. It gives off a heavy smell that does not go in line with rat nostrils. You can keep mothballs in the places where rats do a lot of activity. Mothballs yield prompt results. You can use it for a few days in low quantity to repel rats. 

Audio Sounds 

You can creatively repel rats. Play sounds that arouse sensations of fear in rats. The sounds of cats and other rat predators can serve your purpose. You need to play these sounds in a loud voice when a rat appears in your house. Rats will leave your home and would not return. They will take music as the presence of a real predator. 

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